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The 7 Best Gifts One Receives at Confirmation

Imagine you’re on a game show and the million dollar question is: Name...

Who is Saint Agatha

Saint Agatha was another martyr of legendary status. Agatha was a Sicilian...

Who is Saint Blaise

St. Blaise was a physician and Bishop in Armenia. Blaise has been extremely...

St. Joseph of Cupertino – From “Brother Ass” to Holy Priest

It seems rather harsh, but St. Joseph of Cupertino—the man canonized a...

Pope Francis’ Signature Piece of Jewelry—the Pectoral Cross

From the first moment Pope Francis stepped out on the balcony of St....

Second Week of Advent – Advent Prayer Series

This candle is also called the “Bethlehem candle” and reminds us of...

Advent — How will you spend these four weeks?

What are you doing this November 30 to December 24? Will you be shopping,...

St. Francis of Assisi Peace Prayer

Lord, make me an instrument of your peace, Where there is hatred, let me sow...

Who is Saint Lucy? Find out in 60 seconds

Who is Saint Lucy and what is she known for? Find out in 60 seconds. St....

Our Lady of Guadalupe — the Miracle of the Roses

The Virgin Mary has appeared many times to different people throughout the...

Yes, Virginia There Is a St. Nicholas

The feast of St. Nicholas is celebrated on December 6 each year and marks...

Risen Christ & Customer Ingenuity

One of our very creative customers created this crucifix using a handmade...

Garden Statue — Thank you for the excellent workmanship and care

She is lovely and was perfectly packaged. She is now in our memorial garden...

First Communion — A truly beautiful and spiritual gift.

“We received the smaller Baptism version for our daughter and thought...

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Who is Saint Agatha
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  • Who is Saint Agatha

  • Who is Saint Blaise

  • Who is Saint John Bosco?

  • Who is Saint Thomas Aquinas

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